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Anonymous asked:

Do you believe in continuing friendships with exes? also cool necklaces!!!!! im jelly

In some situations, yes. I would really like it if my current ex would be my friend. I’d like it even more if he came back…

Tumblr Otherkin/SJW Community, please message me immediately


This is a very important thing regarding a callout on someone who is ableist and a pedophile apologist [and more].

Due to circumstances, I cannot come out and do this loudly.


This user is trying to engage in harassment against somebody they disagree with and is using language such as ‘ableist’ and ‘pedophile apologist’ in order to get you on board and make you their personal army. Do not comply.


does anybody wear coloured contact lenses? I’m considering using them as part of my arts practice but have never tried them before. 

I used to frequently wear wolf-yellow colored contacts. They take a real long time to get used to. You’ll need to wear them for an hour or two the first week or so before you can be able to use them for extended period of times without pain.

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